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Moc An Chau Logistics Corporation

Become the optimized selection for customers when looking for solutions in waste management.

mAc is a sustainable solution for your business - State agency - Contractor to optimize industrial and hazardous waste management

Living and working with the action guidelines “A green clean path to the future

Moc An Chau Logistics Corporation (mAc) was established in 2007 under the Business Registration Certificate license number 0304806666 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City, registered for the third change on 15/12/ 2020. mAc has a history of formation and development for more than 16 years operating in the field of investment and environment. From the early days of the establishment until now, we have always oriented the development strategy of the business to always be closely associated with the stable and sustainable development of the community and society.


mAc is a combination of the original name Arcadia with the Vietnamese meaning Moc An Chau. Inspired by Greek mythology, Arcadia is a peaceful and pristine holy land, which brings a sense of peace and comfort to the forest god and to all the courtiers. Arcadia is the goal and vision that mAc aspires to bring to all customers through our products and services.


mAc lives and works with the action guidelines A green clean path to the future “. Each product, service, and action of mAc is geared towards serving the community and living environment as well as directing the community to a better life in a sustainable way. mAc provides consulting services and solutions so that businesses can move towards sustainable development in all three aspects: financial growth, community benefits and preserving the environment. For state agencies, mAc is one of the useful solutions in the management of industrial and hazardous waste in particular and environmental protection in general. For partners and contractors, mAc is a potential and reliable unit.

mAc has invested and built the Industrial – Hazardous Waste Recycling and Treatment Factory with total capacity of 500 tons/day, phase 1 with a capacity of 313 tons/day with full modern treatment technology under a closed process. The factory has been built on an area of nearly 17ha, is the first large-scale and modern Industrial – Hazardous Waste Recycling and Treatment Factory in Ho Chi Minh City. With our investment in the factory, mAc is committed to ensuring the treatment of all types of waste arising from your company’s manufacturing activities thoroughly with the most closed, safe and effective process. Besides, our company is committed to providing services with competitive prices and dedication to bring satisfaction to customers.


Pursuing the Project since 2011 with the desire to be able to provide more solutions for Ho Chi Minh City in environmental protection for the community, promote local economic development, call for investment but always ensure sustainability and stability for society. This orientation is consistent with the tasks set by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 491/QD-TTg dated 07/05/2018, together with Resolution No. 03 on urban environmental protection, residential areas, and waste management in the city.

MAC TVC Final 068


mAc will be an effective and sustainable solution for industrial and hazardous waste treatment for the following subjects:

  • Industrial facilities (inside and outside the Industrial Park, Export Processing Zone, Hi-Tech Park & Industrial Cluster);
  • Laboratory of Analytical Centers, Institutes and Universities;
  • Supporting medical facilities (hospitals, polyclinics, etc) in cases of epidemics;
  • Supporting farms in case of epidemics (Bird flu, foot-and-mouth disease, etc);
  • Supporting emergency cases (contaminated soil, chemical spill, etc);
  • Supporting Ho Chi Minh City’s program: “Waste Segregation at source”;
  • Serving the Program: “Recalling vehicles beyond the expiry date of the country



10 years of enthusiasm for the project of The Industrial – Hazardous Waste Recycling and Treatment Factory with a total capacity of 500 tons/day.










Through many years of operation, the company has built up a team of experienced environmental technology experts, professional, dynamic and enthusiastic staffs ready to assist businesses in making the best choice.